ashi (ashi) wrote,

greetings from the south

Hello from Kitakyushu, in southern Japan!

If you travel much with a computer, even if it's a laptop with perfectly working wireless inside, I recommend a usb extension cable and a usb wireless adapter. I didn't get a signal inside the hotel here until I let the usb adaptor hang out the window. You can even find Mac drivers for most of those if you hunt around a bit.

So, here is a mock-up of my party room flier, in case you are interested. I was kind of going for a 50's thriller type poster look, though it would help if I find a better font for that effect. I wrote most of it on the train. Most trains here have vending machines and payphones, but no power outlets or wireless internet.

Edit: edited the flier with Haunt AOE font and corrected Doctor Who entries.

Edit again: a version with Japanese titles added. I'm a little iffy on some of the translations. Maybe I'll get my friend here to help out. :)

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