ashi (ashi) wrote,

Sapporo ichiban!

Hello from Ino's Place backpacking hostel in Sapporo.

It's 25 C here (78 F) which, for the record, is pretty high for Sapporo. They knew I was coming and threw a country-wide heat wave. Blah.

Last night I stayed at Toya Kohantei in Toyo, Hokkaido. I caught a 3-hour bus from Sapporo (included with the stay), and checked into my 12-tatami room. I think it's about as big as my kitchen/dining/living room, which isn't bad for a hotel in Japan, and that's not counting the entrance room, bathroom, and the area with two seats by the window.

I had a nice public bath at the onsen on the 9th floor, had a pretty nice dinner rife with confusion about how many people were checked in and my veganism, then a 30 minute foot and leg message (about 3000 yen), followed by fireworks watching from my room and a bit of TV. Then there was sleep, then an easily vegan breakfast buffet (woo i liked the big block of fresh tofu), followed by another bath. Ahhh. A steal at 18,000 yen.

I went to Aoi Sora cafe before checking in here and had a bulgar burger. I chatted with the staff a bit in a good mix of English and Japanese. The menus were all on chalkboards in Japanese. They read the main menu to me but were surprised when I ordered off the drink menu myself. Mmm, fresh peanut milk. The chocolate/carob cake was a little dry, but not bad.

I should make a separate post about Comiket. Oh, the masses of people, the sweat, the glancing off people while wading through and realizing it's easier to glance off them cause we're all covered in sweat... I chatted up a few people cause I noticed they were speaking Chinese. Turns out they're from Taiwan and one is living in Fremont. :) Keith went with me the first day... he's Canadian and lives in Korea and stayed a few days in Tokyo (at the same cheap hotel) while renewing his visa.

Well, it's about time to start thinking about dinner...

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