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A list

It's a list.

Clothing, including socks. x
Digital camera. x
Digital camera cable. x
USB card reader. x
USB hub. x
Extra batteries. x
Ipod and charger x
Ipod headphones. x
USB wireless adaptor & drivers. x
Toothbrush. x
Bite guard. x
Yen and dollars. x
Money belt. x
Hotel and cell phone confirmations. x
Maps and directions.
Important phone numbers and addresses.
Train schedules.
Japan rail pass exchange certificate. x
Air tickets. x
US cell phone for the alarm + charger. x
Projector. Check that 100 volts will be okay. x
2-prong power strip. x
Small USB speakers. x
Trackball. x
DVD-R and keychain with video content. x
Shopping lists.
Energy bars. x
Cat5 cable. x
Japanese/English bible. (pack last minute) x
Dictionary. x
Ibuprofen and sinus medicine. x
Deodorant! Shampoo! x
Hair ties. x
Hair brush. x
Soft nail file. x
Bar of glycerin soap. x
Passport (already in me pocket in an RFID-proof holder). x
Breathing mask to deal with smoke. x
Rolly bag and shoulder bag.

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