ashi (ashi) wrote,

Where in Japan is toddashi?

Basic itinerary for reference.

Tuesday, August 14, to Wednesday, August 15: Fly to Japan.
August 15: Check into hostel in Tokyo.
August 16: Begin shopping. Possibly buy a laptop in Akihabara.
August 18 & 19: Comic Market at Tokyo Big Sight.
August 19: Overnight train to Sapporo, Hokkaido
August 20: Shuttle to Onsen, check in, and enjoy hot springs. Possibly mail a package home.
August 21: Check into much cheaper hostel in Sapporo.
August 23: Overnight train to Osaka.
August 24: Hang out in Osaka, try to pick up Kansai-ben (local accent). Overnight train to Kokura station.
August 25: Stay in Kitakyushu, Kyushu island. Meet my penpal's family.
August 29: Overnight train to Yokohama.
August 30: Check into hostel near Worldcon.
September 2: Check into party room at Worldcon. Set up and show off fan videos in English!
September 3: Train to Narita airport. Fly home. Arrive home same day!

All my reservations except for Kitakyushu are at least in progress. The onsen and party room each cost more than all the nights in hostels combined. So did the rail pass.

I have a lot of directions to look up.

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