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20 July 2007 @ 03:12 pm
Cons cons cons...  
Frank Wu posted an interesting comment on recent state of conventions. Are there too many? Are people getting burned out? Where are all the new young fans?

Hein: Readmanfub on July 21st, 2007 06:45 am (UTC)
We went to a few AmberCons, but stopped going because of the very high cost, along with the travel. It's easily EUR 500 for a single weekend -- as a comparison, EUR 500 got us through a whole week of Denmark, which isn't the cheapest country in the world either.
Sure, the people are nice, but my only connection to them is a mutual like for the Amber diceless RPG. Only with very few people who attend will my relationship with them ever go beyond that surface.

Last year, we went to an anime convention. If you're not really interested in playing video games (I have those at home as well, and I'm not entering a competition for a fighting game) or sitting down and watch anime (we can do that at home quite nicely, thank you), there was very little for us to do. Sure, the 'name that tune'-quiz was fun, but it only lasts an hour or so. DDR with insanely complicated moves isn't really my thing either.
After about four hours, we decided we had seen enough, and went. Was it fun? Sure. But not for a whole weekend.

But maybe I'm not outgoing enough to make the most of con experiences.