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Party! 英語のファンビデオ

Submissions and roommates requested.

My party has been approved for Worldcon in Yokohama, for Sunday, Sept 2. It's called:

Fan Videos in English (英語のファンビデオ).

I am looking for:

Fan-made video content you have created
People you know who have made fan videos

These can be fantasy, science fiction, anime, furry, gaming, rennaissance, any combination, or pretty much anything by or about fans of such things. They should be in English, though I might consider content with English subtitles as well. I've found Japanese fan videos very interesting, and I think Japanese people would find fan videos in English interesting as well! I would prefer to show a DVD, VCD, AVI file, or similar. I don't want to drag around a video tape deck, and Youtube and similar formats don't look so good with a projector.

I am also looking for people to share a nice big suite room which will have a party in it every night! We have to close the party by 2am, so there should be plenty of time for sleep.

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edit: I knew suites would be expensive, but wow... So, the party will only be Sunday night.

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