Cleanup plan

So, here's my cleanup plan. I'll see how it goes.

1. Setup computer desk in the front room now that roommate has (mostly) moved out. Close bedroom door. (done)

2. When I need something from the bedroom, go in there and bring it out. Close bedroom door again. For example, I just realized I left the webcam in there. (in progress)

3. After a few weeks, go in the bedroom to clean up. Anything I haven't needed is subject to high scrutiny. A lot of things will, of course, be kept anyway. Like books, some furniture, and projectors.

Intranet at home!

It's been a while since I had a roommate, and now I not only have one, but also will soon be sharing internet with neighbors. So I volunteered to set up an intranet file server.

I'm going to give it a name, and I'm playing with the idea of either adding it to the hosts file of each device or setting up the server to also be a caching DNS server. Sadly my nice high-powered wifi router doesn't support DD-WRT, which would probably a nice option I could use.

I'll run the file server off my Linux desktop for now. I might move the server to a separate little box later.